Empowering Collective Insights

By working collaboratively on complex yet shared challenges, Columbus Collaboratory rapidly develops solutions that enhance operational efficiencies, reduce risk and increase competitiveness for collaborating companies. Through our services, they also realize business value, accelerate skill development and increase access to technology and IP.

We count top global brands among our founders and collaborating companies. Each enjoy the full benefits of merging ideas, R&D, resources and services, while simultaneously creating shared work outputs. We empower others to leverage insights through vetted use cases, prototypes, and innovations while evaluating their commercial application.

What We Do

Cybersecurity Solutions

Using advanced analytics to inform our solutions, we work to empower and advance the ability of individual practitioners to make them more productive. Through our collaborative security approach, we break out of the outdated silo model, pool ideas and resources, and better protect against cybersecurity threats.

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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Our data scientists leverage data and workflows to predict, automate, and deliver valuable insights. Our use case driven approach delivers an impact assessment and a functional prototype to ensure business value is achieved.

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Talent Solutions

We’re committed to supporting Central Ohio as a destination for high-tech jobs and solutions. Our experiential learning, cyber rotation, and peer-to-peer collaboration services strengthen the region’s IT and analytics workforces while helping to secure our future as a national leader in technology innovation.

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Commercial Cybersecurity Solutions that Leverage Analytics

Columbus Collaboratory scales your cybersecurity practice with the network effects of our ecosystem. Our commercial products and services provide an opportunity for everyone to benefit from collaboration. Additional benefits include:

Facilitated intelligence sharing group and platform

Customized security solutions powered by analytics

Shared catalog of purpose built threat scenarios

Who is Columbus Collaboratory?

Collaboration is in our organization's DNA, permeating everything we do. We're unique in our ability to deliver network effects through cross-industry use cases and solutions. In other words, we put our heads together to solve common challenges. Our unique model surfaces shared, complex challenges, and operationalizes cognitive and machine-learning technologies for our collaborating companies and the broader market.

We were founded by seven leading companies across multiple industries that embraced an innovative, collaborative approach to problem-solving in advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and workforce development.

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If your company could benefit from collaboration with the industry’s top cybersecurity and analytics professionals, contact us to learn more.

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