Columbus Collaboratory ISAO is Ohio’s first ISAO capable of producing analytics-enhanced intelligence products and supporting real-time exchange of cybersecurity intelligence among collaborating companies via TruSTAR platform

Columbus, Ohio, May 23, 2017—Columbus Collaboratory, an advanced analytics and cybersecurity company founded by seven leading Ohio corporations across multiple industries, today announced a strategic partnership with TruSTAR, the first security intelligence exchange platform addressing the practical inhibitors to effective information sharing. The TruSTAR platform will support the Collaboratory’s ISAO (Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, Executive Order 13691), forming Ohio’s first ISAO producing analytics-enhanced intelligence products and supporting intelligence exchange in real time.

“Our unique collaborative model and advanced analytics capabilities have made our operational ISAO and TruSTAR partnership possible,” said Matt Wald, President and CEO. “As we expand capabilities and grow our base of collaborating companies, the TruSTAR platform allows us to extend the benefits of our intelligent ISAO to Central Ohio companies and beyond.”

TruSTAR will provide the Collaboratory’s seven founding companies the ability to share enriched threat intelligence via TruSTAR ‘Enclaves’ to elevate the group’s overall security posture. The Collaboratory will make its enriched intelligence available to TruSTAR’s network of defenders who also access and contribute to TruSTAR’s broader network. The partnership advances the Collaboratory’s operating philosophy of collaborative security.

“Companies can't afford to battle adversaries in an increasingly complex cybersecurity environment, alone or in silos. Being proactive about cybersecurity means establishing threat intelligence exchanges that leverage the power of human partnership while accelerating threat detection and resolution in the event of a breach,” said Paul Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of TruSTAR Technology. “Joining forces with Columbus Collaboratory is a significant inflection point for the threat intelligence market as it stands today. This cross-sector Collaboratory will arm network defenders with the information they need to rapidly defend their enterprise networks during uncertain times.”

“Combining TruSTAR’s innovative platform with the intelligence of our seven collaborating companies, our own analytical capabilities and intelligence originating outside the Columbus region, ultimately improves security analyst efficiency by placing enriched information at their fingertips and improving overall situational awareness,” said Columbus Collaboratory VP and Chief Cybersecurity Innovator Jeff Schmidt. “We are pleased to join forces with TruSTAR, a clear leader in the exchange of threat intelligence.”

About TruSTAR Technology

TruSTAR is the first security intelligence exchange platform built to incentivize information sharing among enterprises. As companies see data relevant to them they can easily submit, sanitize, and share data to discover how cyber incidents relate to other companies. TruSTAR's vetted network includes elite enterprise cyber security teams from across sectors and around the world. The TruSTAR team is led by a seasoned team of domain specialists in intelligence sharing, cyber security, and product development. The company is led by Co-Founders Paul Kurtz, former White House cybersecurity advisor and private sector security executive; Patrick Coughlin, former security operator turned tech entrepreneur; and Dave Cullinane, former CISO of eBay. TruSTAR's offices are located in San Francisco, California and McLean, Virginia.

About Columbus Collaboratory

The Columbus Collaboratory is a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries (American Electric Power, Battelle, Cardinal Health, LBrands, Huntington Bancshares, Nationwide Insurance, OhioHealth) that delivers business value to its members through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Our unique model surfaces shared, complex challenges, and operationalizes cognitive and machine learning technologies for our member companies and the broader market. We make this possible by capitalizing on the collective know-how possessed by our team, collaborating companies, and partners.  As a result, we strengthen Ohio’s IT and analytics workforce and secure the region’s future as a national leader in technology innovation. For more information, please visit and follow @cbuscollab.

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