COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 15, 2018) — Columbus Collaboratory, a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries that delivers business value through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions, today announced the establishment of the Collaboratory Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO). The Collaboratory ISAO is inviting other Ohio-based enterprises to participate in an ecosystem to analyze and share information related to cybersecurity risks and incidents between membership and collaborators.

The Collaboratory ISAO was established in accordance with the February 2015 White House Executive Order 13691, “Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing,” which called for the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to encourage the formation of Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations.

“The Executive Order acknowledged that information sharing across organizational boundaries is critical to better protect the nation from cyber incidents,” said Matt Wald, Columbus Collaboratory’s president and CEO. “We’ve shown here that sharing information, talent, insight and technology is an extremely effective and efficient approach to data analytics and cybersecurity. With the Collaboratory ISAO, we will expand those capabilities within the cybersecurity realm by bringing together additional innovative companies.” 

The Collaboratory ISAO published its charter and created a Steering Committee, inviting businesses beyond its seven members to join in their collective efforts to improve the ability to detect, investigate, prevent and respond to cyber threats while protecting the privacy and civil liberties of citizens.

Columbus Collaboratory is pleased to announce the following members of the ISAO Steering Committee:

  • OhioHealth, represented by Mike Viton, incident response and intelligence lead
  • The Ohio State University, represented by Steve Romig, security advisor
  • State Auto Insurance, represented by Vince Condon, director of cyber risk and business continuity

The Collaboratory ISAO Steering Committee is co-chaired by Troy Vennon, director of security innovation at Columbus Collaboratory and Jeff Schmidt, Columbus Collaboratory’s vice president and chief cyber security Innovator. Additional members are likely to be added in the coming weeks. 

“The primary mission of the Collaboratory ISAO is to share information among a group of trusted partners, because we know that the greater the collaboration, the better we can understand and address security issues and their impact on corporate infrastructure and operations,” Vennon said. “Columbus Collaboratory’s membership has invested in an ecosystem that drives analysis and information-sharing processes, and recognizes the compounding value both delivered and gained by inviting other enterprises into the fold.”

The Collaboratory ISAO members will collaborate and share threat and vulnerability information and processes through a variety of in-person and technical mechanisms. Columbus Collaboratory will leverage its unique nexus of information security expertise and data science expertise to source innovative, analytics-driven intelligence products for the benefit of ISAO participants.

“Columbus Collaboratory becoming an ISAO provides an accredited trusted source to bridge cyber threat knowledge and insights across multiple industry verticals,” Viton said. “This will allow the member organizations to enhance their cyber defenses through a centralized collaborative source. I look forward to seeing how the Columbus Collaboratory ISAO enhances our cyber security capabilities.”

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About Columbus Collaboratory
Columbus Collaboratory is a rapid innovation company founded by leading companies in seven different industries (American Electric Power, Battelle, Cardinal Health, L Brands, Huntington National Bank, Nationwide Insurance, OhioHealth) that delivers business value to its members through advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions. Our unique model surfaces shared, complex challenges and operationalizes cognitive and machine learning technologies for our member companies and the broader market. We make this possible by capitalizing on the collective know-how possessed by our team, collaborating companies, and partners. As a result, we strengthen Ohio’s IT and analytics workforce and secure the region’s future as a national leader in technology innovation. For more information, please visit and follow @cbuscollab.

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