How We Collaborate

Collaborating companies harness the value of collaboration through multi-dimensional engagement and exchange. Columbus Collaboratory features a cross-industry exchange of ideas, technology, and innovation that is simply unique to the technology industry. Collaborating companies share industry practices and knowledge to mature and elevate the group across functional areas like cybersecurity, analytics, and IT. Innovations are shared and improved through new use cases that expand the scope and scale to deliver new value. Collaboration has several form factors and is delivered through platforms, in-person, and remote events that are designed to facilitate the best outcome.

One example of the power of our collaborative model is in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a challenge for our collaborating companies and we’ve adopted a new approach, collaborative security, that enables defenders to work together. Trust and personal relationships have always been the cornerstone of good intelligence sharing and we facilitate this through regular, in-person events. This trust has enabled us to create the first Ohio Intelligence Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) that delivers real-time, analytics-enhanced intelligence via a trusted platform that enhances situational awareness.

InFocus Series©

Learn about hot topics. Teach one if you’ve got the experience and the interest. Leverage industry experts in Columbus Collaboratory and beyond.

Synergy Series©

Strategic planning group comprised of leaders from across our collaborating companies who establish areas of focus for new innovations and work products to the most relevant areas of their businesses. These leaders come together to share best practices, build work products, and work together to overcome their shared challenges.

Flash Sessions

Rapidly assemble and dialog about your business challenges through a moderated session with a network of Collaborator companies.

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If your company could benefit from collaboration with the industry’s top cybersecurity and analytics professionals, contact us to learn more.

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