Columbus Collaboratory Audit Quick Insights

Get real-time auditing at scale through machine learning and automation.

Manual auditing is error-prone and inefficient, and it is often applied only to a sample of the available space. Columbus Collaboratory’s model uses automation and analytics to address the entire space represented by an audit on a regular basis, enabling auditors to focus more time on investigations and reporting actionable insights while scaling audit coverage.

Audit Quick Insights shifts your auditing capabilities from…

  • Small-sample auditing to full-population auditing
  • Point-in-time audits to continuous audits
  • Searching for issues to responding to alerts
  • Limited risk reduction to large-scale risk reduction

Download our Continuous Audit Fact Sheet to learn more about how Audit Quick Insights can save time and money while reducing process friction, or contact us directly to learn more about how we can partner with your internal audit staff to tailor our analytics and automation solutions to support your unique auditing process.