Columbus Collaboratory Intelligent Staffing

Automated solutions that match staffing levels to anticipated demand

Predicting and maintaining effective staffing levels can be a guessing game that often leads to understaffing or overstaffing—both of which may affect profits, frustrate staff, and impact customer satisfaction.

Columbus Collaboratory’s Intelligent Staffing solutions enable companies of all sizes and in all industries to make smarter resource decisions by using predictive analytics and machine learning models to forecast business demands.

Benefits of Intelligent Staffing:

  • Gain certainty that staffing levels are appropriate, even as needs fluctuate
  • Prevent staff frustration and loss of peak revenue due to overstaffing or understaffing
  • Stay in compliance with regional staffing regulations that prevent on-call staffing
  • Maintain sufficient staffing levels for greater customer satisfaction

Download our Intelligent Staffing Fact Sheet or contact us directly to learn more about how predictive technologies can save your company money while improving the customer experience.