Collaboration Creates Shared Solutions

Columbus Collaboratory establishes trusted networks of business professionals, engineers, and scientists through its collaborating companies to stimulate the development of shared solutions.

We commercialize these solutions through subscription-based cybersecurity and advanced analytics offerings. This allows outside companies to take advantage of and benefit from the innovative solutions we create together. At Columbus Collaboratory, everyone benefits from collaboration.

Common Problems Create Unique Opportunities

All businesses face a spectrum of challenges. While some are unique to a business or industry, we provide an environment to address shared challenges by collaborating with cross-industry peers. Too many businesses feel woefully reactive or unprepared for these challenges, be it advancing cybersecurity maturity, developing the future workforce or realizing analytics ROI.

We harness the power of sharing use cases, intellectual property, technology, know-how, and resources to accelerate solution development. By utilizing the power of the collective, your business can take advantage of cost-effective, custom solutions lacking from traditional vendors offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

We exist to provide collaborating companies with unique opportunities to create relevant, nimble and effective solutions. These solutions include:

Cybersecurity Solutions

Using advanced analytics to inform our solutions, we work to empower and advance the ability of individual practitioners to make them more productive. Through our collaborative security approach, we break out of the outdated silo model, pool ideas and resources, and better protect against cybersecurity threats.

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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Our data scientists leverage data and workflows to predict, automate, and deliver valuable insights. Our use case driven approach delivers an impact assessment and a functional prototype to ensure business value is achieved.

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If your company could benefit from collaboration with the industry’s top cybersecurity and analytics professionals, contact us to learn more.

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