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Putting Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation to Work for Your Business

Companies across all industries are under mounting pressure to differentiate, innovate, and transform their offerings through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). But a proliferation of new technologies, open-source options, and vendor tools makes it difficult to choose an approach that will achieve business value.

Our experience covers a wide range of uses cases, including everything from predictive forecasting, anomaly detection, and request classification, all implemented through a combination of out-of-the-box solutions, to highly customized machine learning algorithms.

Deliverables range from proofs-of-concept to completely integrated AI solutions that are expertly designed to help clients achieve their goals. Our clients have used AI to quantify external factors, such as weather, to improve sales predictions; analyze natural language to uncover hidden insights in customer feedback; and identify whether projects are at risk of running off schedule so resources could be redeployed. Imagine how AI can improve your business.

Use Case Discovery Workshops

At Columbus Collaboratory, our Use Case Discovery Workshops help identify and prioritize high-impact use cases for AI and automation. During a workshop, our experts partner with business stakeholders, users, and relevant SMEs to identify top business challenges and recommend solutions such as machine learning, cognitive services, and robotic process automation that will drive immediate ROI for the organization.

Download the Use Case Discovery Workshop Fact Sheet and learn how a engagement can transform your organization.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) takes common business problems and turns them into repeatable, automated, and easily deployed solutions that result in immediate cost savings and ROI. For example, clients often have a collection of manual tasks that consume valuable FTE time and could be automated. Our team is well versed in scoping, solutioning, and deploying RPA across different business scenarios.

We employ our signature use-case-driven approach to deliver on a clearly scoped hypothesis with a functional prototype leveraging AI (e.g., machine learning and cognitive processing). Our data scientists will architect solutions and workflows that predict, automate, and deliver valuable insights that can then be integrated into your business.

Rapid Deployment AI Solutions

Our team encounters many different business problems and use cases with artificial intelligence solutions that are repeatable with measurable ROI. These offerings are packaged in Rapid Deployment AI Quick Insights to help clients get a head start on solving their business problems. Our current Rapid Deployment offerings include:

Continuous Auditing

Performing Continuous Audits through machine learning and automation can save time and money while reducing process friction.

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Rapid Routing

Efficiently route contact center requests to the appropriate resources.

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Intelligent Staffing

Efficiently match staffing levels to the anticipated demand with a Intelligent Staffing.

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