Cybersecurity Needs a New Approach to Overcome its Scalability Problem

Modern security is a scaling problem that requires more production from each practitioner. The clear shortage of tech industry talent means a systemic shortage that creates greater urgency on finding new ways to reduce risk to the business.

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“It's estimated that ‘companies will face a shortage of 1.8 million qualified information security personnel by 2022, up 20% from a gap of 1.5 million in 2015.”

The Wall Street Journal (quoting a Booz Allen and (ISC)2 survey)

Managed Collaboration

Facilitated sharing and peer engagement through trusted environments that elevates all participants.

Threat Intelligence

ThreatCurator™ is a unique solution to sharing and acting in real-time with security peers.

Security Assessment

Foundational assessments to focus surveillance and mitigation efforts at your high-value targets.

Security Analytics

Solutions powered by AI and advanced analytics to enable better decision making.

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